Witness The Historical Events In Your USA Tour Packages From Mumbai

Hundreds and thousands of travelers from different corners of the earth listed USA to be the best vacation spots. Based on the factors like varieties of attractions, dining options and accommodations, national tourist officials of United States of America offers getaways like national parks, exotic beaches, mountains, museums, national monuments, big major cities, commercial hubs, and sky scrapers. You can use this list so as to get ideas for your upcoming vacation, to have great worthwhile memories of your USA Tour Package from Mumbai.

Visit some of the tourist destinations in your USA Tour Package from Mumbai.

United States Capitol

Also known as Capitol Hill and Capitol Building, The United States Capitol is the US Congress seat and the legislative branch of the federal government of United States’. Established in the very beginning of the 19th century, it is said that Congress wrote the law of the country. The long hours of expedition depicting the extensive background of the building, talks about history. Tourists coming from various corners of the world in their  USA Tour Package from Mumbai  will be first presented with a film followed by the staff members who are shown to be leading them to the whispery chambers and ornate halls filled with personal mementos and statues of the Congress members. To visit The United States Capitol, the natives should contact the senator of the city and the visitors from foreign countries should carry their passports and produce it to the concerned officials.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Located in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood is a first a film studio and then a theme park which is not incorporated with Universal City community. One of the oldest functional movie studios of the world, Universal Studios Hollywood showcases a mixture of entertainment including live action, thrill, and tram ride. People who are visiting Universal Studios Hollywood for the first time in their USA Tour Package from Mumbai are advised to check the 45 minute long Studio Tour with a dilapidated tram driving you around the stages and then heading to the crash site of War of the Worlds, spooky Bates Motel from Psycho, Jurassic Park, surviving shark attack, flash flood, facing King Kong, to name a few. Your kids will be amazingly happy to see the reel world in the form real world right in front of their bare eyes.

The National Mall

Located in the downtown of Washington, DC, The National Mall is actually a national park administering both Memorial Park and National Mall. America’s front yard as per the native’s language, the National Mall is said to be holding most of the Smithsonian museums like Air and Space Museum, Washington Monument, National Gallery of Art, Lincoln Memorial and many other national monuments which depicts the past stories of the historical events happened in the city. Let your kid witness and upgrade the knowledge out of their books in the USA Tour Package from Mumbai.